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Google Display Ads – 101

Responsive Google Display Advertising

If you’re not sure what Google Display ads are, they’re those banners across your screen that show you exactly what you want to see. For example: you search for a new pair of workboots online, and then all of the ads on your phone show shoe sales for the next week. We utilize the Google Display Network – responsible for theses ads – to run a series of images and headlines to target the right type of customer. (Find out more on this by booking a call.)

Whether they are in the market for your service, have already visited your website, or are just the exact customer we’ve targeted, Display Ads with your brand and message will be shown to them throughout the week, multiple times. (This is especially helpful seeing as the majority of your customers won’t require your service more than a few times a year.) With this proven method, we ensure that your brand is the first one they think of when they’re in need of service.

Tips for designing a Google display ad - Flicker Leap
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