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Google Search Ads – 101

What is Google Search?

If I searched the words “xyz downtown L.A.” on Google, imagine the first result that came up was the search ad or text ad on the top left. This ad space occupies the first 4 results on Google. Web users are used to instant results, so they’re more likely to click on results that are closer to the top of the first page. 

Ads only show up when prospective customers are searching for your services, in your area, and you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. 

What Makes Us Different…

Our team analyzes exactly what’s working and where we see opportunities to improve your results. We pull different levers to improve conversion rates of your ads, landing pages, calls-to-action, and more. We look at conversions per mobile device, per community surrounding your business, and per demographic information. We optimize all aspects of your program which ultimately leads to a more profitable marketing program.

Why Search?

Promote your business to potential customers searching under several keyword variations in and around your location. 

Engageyour potential customers with specific information they are searching for and prompt them to contact you using a variety of call to action terms.

Measureanalyze your website Activity and Engagement through Calls, Forms Submitted, & Actions taken on your website. 

Optimizeassess what leads converted to customers and optimize to generate more increasing your conversion rate.

Product Expectations:

  • Hundreds of ad variations
  • Over a thousand keywords
  • Conversion tracking to prove ROI
  • Continual optimizations to improve the profitability of advertising
  • Direct consultations with your dedicated Marketing Scientist
  • Reporting on: CTR, CPL, Total Leads, Lost Impression Share, Call Tracking, Form Tracking, Conversion Rate.

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